Top 10 best under desk footrests

Dec 29th, 2019 Tisho Iliev
As office workers, we tend to sit up to 8 hours a day at work. This causes discomfort and pain to our body. Footrests are not so widely used in the offices, but they can significantly improve your well-being during the working day. These ergonomic products help people with tired legs, lower back pain and poor blood circulation. Check our top 10 list of the best footrests on the market!
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Should I ask my coworker out?

Nov 26th, 2019 Tisho Iliev
Based on three researches, 35-40% of people have dated a coworker. Nearly 30% of these dates end up in a marriage. Dating a colleague is a rather common way of finding your love. On the other hand, asking your coworker out too many times may be considered a harassment and you may have legal issues. Learn everything you should be aware of before asking a colleague out.
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Top 10 best height adjustable monitor stand risers

Nov 17th, 2019 Tisho Iliev
If the monitor in the office or at home is too low and not height adjustable, the first thing many of us do is to use books to raise it to a comfortable level. Fortunately, we have an alternative way of solving this issue - the monitor stand risers. And since I consider the height adjustability to be a crucial feature, I created my top 10 list of the best height adjustable monitor stand risers.
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5 ways to tell a colleague they smell bad (with examples)

Oct 21st, 2019 Tisho Iliev
Telling a coworker they stink is thought to be one of the hardest conversations you might need to have in your office. There could be a lot of reasons for the unpleasant smell. And there certainly are many ways to handle the issue and help your colleague resolve it. What follows are my 5 ways of letting your smelly coworker know they stink.
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Top 5 best office chairs for tailbone pain

Oct 7th, 2019 Tisho Iliev
Having a tailbone pain could make working in your office miserable. I think choosing the right office chair could make a significant difference to your well-being. In this article I will share with you my top 5 best office chairs for coccyx pain! Some of them are specialized to do just that - to relieve the pressure from your tailbone area. Also, I will describe what types of chairs you should be looking for and which ones to avoid.
Office chair summary
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5 reasons why you shouldn't work too hard

Sep 26th, 2019 Tisho Iliev
"Hard work pays off" is true most of the times, but some people think working too hard pays off even better. Multiple researches suggest this might not be true. Do we really achieve more when working more than expected in our daily job? Here are 5 reasons suggesting it's the other way around. At the end of the article I'll give a tip what to do if you are a workaholic and just can't stop working.
Working hard summary
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10 products for your office that are actually useful

Sep 18th, 2019 Tisho Iliev
As an office worker I rely on various products during the working day. Adding new tools or upgrading the existing ones have always helped me to be more effective. Based on my 8+ years of experience, I have compiled a list of the most useful products you could use in your office. Their goal is to relieve your pain or increase your productivity, or both. So, let's get started!
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My tailbone pain led to surgery! Here's how to avoid it!

Sep 10th, 2019 Tisho Iliev and Milena Ilieva, MD
Most of the office workers like me sit on a chair for at least 8 hours a day. Many of us have experienced a tailbone pain. This is a red flag and you should definitely do something about it. In my particular case I didn't pay any attention to the issue and paid the price. Learn what were the two major reasons for my coccyx pain and what you could do to overcome it.
Rossen Tushev, MD
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Top 10 best eye supplements

Aug 31st, 2019 Milena Ilieva, MD
5 years ago the AAO made a research showing that all of the 11 best selling American eye supplements have misleading claims. Even more disturbing is the fact that 7 out of these 11 do not follow any proven formulas for eye health. Nowadays there is even a bigger choice of eye supplements. Learn which are the top 10 best eye supplements on the market today!
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6 powerful tips for women to succeed in a male-dominated office

Aug 14th, 2019 Tisho Iliev
It is hard to succeed as a woman in a male-dominated office. In 2019 women still make only $0.79 for every dollar men make. The reason is that women are less likely to have a high-paying job than men. In this article you can read 6 tips for women to excel in a workplace full of men.
A confident woman summary
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