Top 10 best ID badge holders

Aug 7th, 2019 Tisho Iliev
The ID badges are an essential part of every working day. To protect our ID badges, we use ID badge holders. In this article I am going to review the top 10 best badge holders on the planet. From armband to waterproof and from plastic to shielded, we review at least one from each type of badge holders. You will read a brief information for the companies behind the badges, too.
Badge holder summary
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Top 7 most expensive office chairs in the world

Jul 22nd, 2019 Tisho Iliev
Most of us have office chairs at work and even at home. I have an ordinary office chair at home. But I've always wondered, what are some extraordinary office chairs? This is why I made a thorough research to find out which are the most expensive office chairs on the planet. It turned out every special office chair has a famous designer behind it. Check the list!
Workplace summary
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Are noise-cancelling headphones effective in the office?

Jul 15th, 2019 Tisho Iliev
I have been using noise-cancelling headphones and earbuds in the office for three years. Generally, they are effective and help a lot, but I wish I knew what to expect before buying such headphones. In this article you will learn how much of the various office noises the noise-cancelling headphones actually block. Rock on!
Office headphones summary
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8 reasons for eye strain in the office

Jul 9th, 2019 Tisho Iliev and Milena Ilieva, MD
Over the years, I have experienced eye strain in the office for various reasons. I will be happy to share my thoughts and tips with you. I compiled a list of 8 scenarios which might be a cause for eye strain in the office. I will propose a bunch of solutions, too. I will skip the common tips like "blink often", "take breaks", "20/20/20 rule" or "limit screen time" and get to the real point. Go, go, go!
Eye summary
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5 reasons why open office spaces destroy your productivity

Jun 17th, 2019 Tisho Iliev
As opposed to cubicles or rooms, nowadays employers choose open office spaces. The goal of the companies is to save money, but do they really achieve it? It turns out the negative sides affect the productivity of the workforce a lot more than anticipated. Noise, constant interruptions and increased sickness are just a part of the issues.
Open office space summary
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