Top 7 most expensive office chairs in the world

Jul 22nd, 2019 (updated on Sep 1st, 2019) Tisho Iliev
Workplace (image by Fritz Hansen)

Most of us have office chairs at work and even at home. I have an ordinary office chair at home. But I've always wondered, what are some extraordinary office chairs? This is why I made a thorough research to find out which are the top brands and the most expensive office chairs on the planet.

There are a lot of types of office chairs, so I had requirements for such a chair to be in my list. Each of the listed office chairs have a height adjustment mechanism and a 5 wheel base.

7. Arper Aston Direction Chair - $2,835

Founded in 1989, Arper is an Italian furniture company. Their most expensive office chair is Arper Aston Direction Chair, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud.

Arper Aston Direction Chair
Arper Aston Direction Chair (image by Arper)

This beautiful chair is ergonomic, light and perfect for office work. It can be upholstered in fabric or leather. Arper Aston Direction Chair has a 5 wheel base in polished aluminum, mounted on self-braking castors. The price of the chair is $2,835 for the folks living in the US.

The designer of the chair, Jean-Marie Massaud, is a french designer and inventor.

Jean-Marie Massaud
Jean-Marie Massaud (photo by Massaud)

Over the years, he partnered with Air France, Cassina, Toyota, Renault and many more. Massaud has numerous awards in the field. In 2005, he won the "Designer of the Year" award.

6. Vitra Fauteuil Direction Pivotant - $3,410

Vitra is a Swiss furniture company, founded in 1950. They are known for their collaboration with notable architects. Vitra furnitured the plenary chamber of the German Bundestag. They even have their own museum, Vitra Design Museum, which exhibits their large collection of furniture from the 20th century. They host guest exhibitions, too.

One of their most expensive office chairs is Vitra Fauteuil Direction Pivotant, designed by Jean Prouvé. This interesting old-fashioned office chair has a price tag of $3,410.

Vitra Fauteuil Direction Pivotant
Vitra Fauteuil Direction Pivotant (image by Vitra)

Although the chair looks a bit outdated, it has a charm. It is comfortable and suitable for office work.

The designer, Jean Prouvé, was a famous french self-taught architect and engineer. He worked on a broad range of projects. From furniture to skyscrapers, his talent in architecture and design was unlimited. While developing the Vitra Fauteuil Direction Pivotant, Jean Prouvé was focused on the functional requirements without losing aesthetic qualities.

Jean Prouvé
Jean Prouvé (image by Vitra)

5. Vitra HeadLine Management Chair - $3,820

Another notable office chair from Vitra is the Vitra HeadLine Management Chair. This chair gets the 5th place in our list with the price of $3,820.

Vitra HeadLine Management Chair
Vitra HeadLine Management Chair (image by Vitra)

Vitra HeadLine Management Chair is a modern looking ergonomic chair. This chair is designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of comfort. Vitra guarantees tension-free experience even if you sit on it for prolonged periods of time. The chair provides a natural balance for your head and prevents any tension or discomfort in your neck and shoulders.

Mario and his son Claudio Bellini are Italian designers based in Milan. Each of them has a separate design company, but they have worked together on the Vitra HeadLine Management Chair project.

Mario & Claudio Bellini
Mario & Claudio Bellini (image by Vitra)

4. Fritz Hansen Oxford Premium - $3,860

Fritz Hansen is a nearly 150 years old company from Denmark. They worked with a lot of popular designers like Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner, Cecilie Manz, Kasper Salto and many more.

The most expensive chair, manufactured by Fritz Hansen is their Oxford Premium, designed by Arne Jacobsen. You can buy this chair for the amount of $3,860. This stylish office chair has a timeless design. The shell is made of laminated molded sliced veneer and the quality of the product is truly premium.

Fritz Hansen Oxford Premium
Fritz Hansen Oxford Premium (image by Fritz Hansen)

The chair designer, Arne Jacobsen was an iconic danish designer famous for his pragmatic chair designs. He was uncompromising, loved to work and demanded the same from his employees.

Arne Jacobsen
Arne Jacobsen (photo by Design Town)

Arne Jacobsen was known for his sense of proportion and he hated the word “designer”, thinking of himself as an architect first. Arne had a sense of humor and sarcasm.

3. Eames Executive Chair - $4,792

Our third place goes to the Eames Executive Chair, priced at $4,792. The chair is manufactured by the infamous American company Herman Miller, which invented the office cubicle.

This luxury chair is a symbol of class and has an outstanding comfort.

Eames Executive Chair
Eames Executive Chair (image by Herman Miller)

The designers behind this chair were Charles and Ray Eames - a married couple who created the Eames Office. They made historical contributions to the modern architecture and furniture. Charles and Ray Eames are most popular for the "Eames Lounge Chair" design which is the same design used by Herman Miller to create Eames Executive Chair.

Charles and Ray Eames
Charles and Ray Eames (photo by Eames Office)

The "Eames Lounge Chair" design was born when Henry Luce, the legendary Time Inc. founder, asked the married couple to design the lobbies for his new Time & Life Building in Manhattan.

2. Vitra Grand Executive Highback - $6,165

The second place in our list goes to Vitra and their most expensive office chair, Grand Executive Highback. You can buy this chair for the stunning $6165.

Vitra Grand Executive Highback
Vitra Grand Executive Highback (image by Vitra)

This prestigious office chair has a high-quality leather upholstery with the individually adaptable FlowMotion mechanism for maximum comfort. This model has an adjustable neck cushion as well.

The designer of the chair is Antonio Citterio. He is an Italian architect and furniture designer. Antonio Citterio won the "Compasso d’Oro" award in 1987 and 1994. In 2008 he was awarded "Honorary Royal Designer for Industry" by RSA.

Antonio Citterio
Antonio Citterio (image by Vitra)

1. PP502 Swivel Chair - $15,000

The first place goes to the PP502 Swivel Chair with the astonishing price of $15,000. This office chair was designed by Hans Wegner and manufactured by PP Møbler.

PP502 Swivel Chair
PP502 Swivel Chair (photo by Phillips)

This amazing office chair was created with ergonomics in mind. The giant piece of wood which serves as an arm- and backrest is called top rail and is made from solid wood. This piece of wood is actually made of three smaller pieces of wood. The tree needed for this chair should be at least 150 years old. The wood is left to dry for up to 2 years in highly controlled environment with a humidity of 6%.

Hans Wegner created more than 1000 furniture designs, 500 of them were of chairs. He is an icon to the Danish design and is considered to be one of the greatest designers in the world. Wegner said of his work "I have always wanted to make unexceptional things of an exceptionally high quality."

Hans J. Wegner
Hans J. Wegner (photo by Medium)
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