Top 10 best height adjustable monitor stand risers

Nov 17th, 2019 Tisho Iliev
Bamboo monitor riser
Bamboo monitor riser (photo by Newvante)

If the monitor in the office or at home is too low and not height adjustable, the first thing many of us do is to use books to raise it to a comfortable level. This does the job perfectly, but it looks ugly and it is certainly not a good use of books. Fortunately, we have an alternative way of raising our monitors - the monitor stand risers.

There are different kinds of monitor risers. For me, the most important feature of these products has always been the height adjustment. This is why I decided to make a list of the best height adjustable monitor stand risers. At the end of the article you can read about all the benefits from using such products. Let's do it!

10. 3M Adjustable Monitor Stand

3M is a huge American corporation with nearly 100k employees and $32.8 billion in sales in 2018. Today, the company offers more than 60k products related to health care, worker safety and more. 3M is in the top 100 in the list of the largest US corporations by total revenue.

3M Adjustable Monitor Stand is a very simple but effective stand made of hard plastic. It supports three levels of height and it has 11" (27.9 cm) space between the legs for an additional storage.

3M adjustable monitor stand
photo by 3M

3M Adjustable Monitor Stand

  • Recommended for: monitors, laptops, fax machines, printers and TVs
  • Height levels: 2.625", 4.25" and 5.875" (6.66 cm, 10.7 cm and 14.9 cm)
  • Surface size: 15" × 12" (38 cm × 30.48 cm)
  • Weight support: 80 pounds (36 kg)
  • Sizes: standard and extra wide
  • 3 height levels - the stand improves your ergonomics with stackable legs and three adjustable heights
  • Rubber feet - it has rubber non-skid feet. They protect your desk surface from scratches and keep your stand stable.
  • Looks cheap - the stand is not stylish. It looks and feels cheap.
  • Curved corners - the edges of the stand are curved - this reduces the usable surface of the product
  • Rubber feet leave stains - the soles which keep the monitor in place could leave stains on your desk if you live in a hotter climate
  • Expensive - this stand is pricey compared to its competitors
6 / 10

9. Kantek Height Adjustable Stand

Kantek was founded in 1982 in Oceanside, New York, USA. They have around 30 employees. Back in the day, Kantek was one of the first manufacturers on the market to offer anti-glare filters for personal computers. Currently, the company produces computer and desk accessories.

Kantek Height-Adjustable Stand is a universal stand suitable for monitors, laptops and many more. It is made of thick, black plastic. The stand has four levels of height adjustment in a form of stackable legs. The interesting part is you can buy an additional set of legs and make your stand ever more adjustable. The space below the shelf is 14" (35.5 cm) wide.

Kantek Height Adjustable Stand
photo by Kantek

Kantek Height Adjustable Stand

  • Recommended for: monitors, laptops, printers and fax machines
  • Height levels: 3", 4.125", 5.375" and 6.5" (7.6 cm, 10.47 cm, 13.65 cm and 16.50 cm)
  • Surface size: 17" × 13" (43 cm × 33 cm)
  • Weight support: 50 pounds (22.6 kg)
  • Variations: single level, single level with a drawer, two levels with drawer, wide single level with or without a drawer
  • 4 height levels - the stand can raise your monitor to a comfortable viewing angle decreasing the pain in the neck
  • A lot of variations - it has an optional second level or drawer. Also, Kantek offers a wider version. It covers a lot of scenarios.
  • Low quality - it's cheaply made and the quality is not up to par with its competitors
  • Wobbly - it is not as stable as expected and it wiggles
  • Sticky drawer - putting weight on the stand makes the drawer difficult to open and close. If you decide to buy this stand, consider getting the variation without a drawer.
7 / 10

8. Allsop Adjustable Monitor Stand

Allsop was founded in the USA in 1964 by Ivor "Buss" Allsop as a family business manufacturing ski boots carrying products. In 1970, the company decided to enter the consumer electronics market. Today, Allsop is a global company with over 80 employees and offers office and desk accessories, fitness and wellness products, and more.

Allsop Metal Art Ergo 3 Adjustable Monitor Stand was designed in an Allsop's research facility in Bellingham, WA, USA by a team of engineers. The monitor stand supports 3 levels of height. It is made of steel and has a modern look and feel. Also, the stand offers non-skid pads to prevent it from sliding. The space between the legs is 16.5" (41.9 cm) wide - perfect for keeping an even bigger items like a keyboard.

Allsop Adjustable Monitor Stand
photo by Allsop

Allsop Adjustable Monitor Stand

  • Recommended for: raising monitors, laptops and TVs
  • Height levels: 6", 7", 8" (15.2 cm, 20.3 cm and 17.7 cm)
  • Surface size: 15" × 10" (38.1 cm × 25.4 cm)
  • Weight support: 35 pounds (15.8 kg)
  • 3 height adjustments - the stand offers three levels of height via telescoping legs
  • Modern look - looks contemporary because of its metal construction and sleek design
  • Works for uneven surfaces - the stand has micro-adjustment feet leveling. This makes the stand stable even on uneven surfaces.
  • Surface with holes - the metal surface of the stand has micro-dot perforated holes to keep your device from getting hot
  • Very tall - the lowest height setting of this stand is 6" (15.2 cm). This could be too high for your eye level.
  • Could arrive with a dent - some buyers report the monitor stand arrives with a dented leg or platform
7 / 10

7. HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser

HUANUO is based in California, USA, and it specializes in manufacturing ergonomic solutions for your home and office. The company offers monitor/TV arms, mounts, stands and risers. HUANUO has an R&D team with 15 years of experience and it is one of the leading brands in their sphere.

HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser raises your monitor to an ergonomically correct height. The riser can have its height adjusted in 4 different levels. It is made of MDF platform with hard plastic legs, which is an interesting combination of materials for a stand. The space between the legs of the riser is 11" (27.9 cm).

HUANUO monitor riser stand
photo by HUANUO

HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser

  • Recommended for: monitor, laptop, tablet, printer or fax machine
  • Height levels: 1.5", 3", 4.3" and 5.7" (3.8 cm, 7.6 cm, 10.9 cm and 14.4 cm)
  • Surface size: 15.7" × 11" (40 cm × 30 cm)
  • Weight support: 44 pounds (20 kg)
  • 4 levels of height - the stand is highly adjustable and covers a wide range of heights
  • Multifunctional slot - the slot on the top of the platform could be used as a phone/tablet holder or if you remove its lid - as a hole for cable management
  • Cheap - the stand is cheap compared to other stands offering similar features
  • Slippery - it does not have rubber pads on the feet and it slides easily
  • Looks cheap - the platform is made of MDF, but the stand still does not look stylish
7 / 10

6. Husky Mounts Monitor Stand

Husky Mounts is a company based in Ontario, California, USA. It produces TV & monitor mounts and stands, standing desks, desktop accessories and everyday items. The company has more than 15 years of experience in the market.

Husky Mounts Monitor Stand can help you raise your monitor to a comfortable level of height. It offers three height levels. Compared to its competitors, the stand is stylish and it is made of black steel. It has a 12" (30.4 cm) space between the legs to store any items you want.

Husky Mounts Monitor Stand
photo by Husky Mounts

Husky Mounts Monitor Stand

  • Recommended for: raising monitors, laptops or TVs
  • Height levels: 4", 4.75" and 5.5" (10.1 cm, 12 cm and 14 cm)
  • Surface size: 14.5" × 9.25" (36 cm × 23.4 cm)
  • Weight support: 44 pounds (20 kg)
  • Height adjustable - it has three levels of height adjustment to help you relieve your eye strain
  • Made of steel - the stand has a sturdy all-metal construction
  • Rubber feet - it has rubber feet to help against sliding. Also, they protect your desk.
  • Surface holes - the stand has holes on the surface which helps with the ventilation if you put a laptop on it
  • Cheap and stylish - it looks good and it is a bang for the buck when comparing it to similar products
  • Wobbly when on the highest setting - when you extend your stand at its maximum, it wiggles a bit
  • Lacks a low level - the height adjustments start from 4" (10.1 cm) which is too high for the lowest setting of the stand
7 / 10

5. Hemudu Glass Monitor Riser

The height adjustable monitor riser by Hemudu is made of clear tempered glass and looks very pleasing. This stand will raise your monitor to the desired height. The fine-tuning of the height is a unique feature which isn't offered by nearly any stand on the market. The space between the legs under the shelf is 11.8" (30 cm).

Hemudu Glass Monitor Riser
photo by Qoo10

Hemudu Glass Monitor Riser

  • Recommended for: monitors, laptops and TVs
  • Height levels: from 3.4" to 4.9" (from 8.6 cm to 12.4 cm)
  • Surface size: 15" × 9.5" (38.1 cm × 24.1 cm)
  • Weight support: 88 pounds (40 kg)
  • Variations: white, black, wide and triangular
  • Fine-tuned height adjustment - freely adjustable within a range. You don't have specific steps like with the other monitor stands.
  • Looks modern - compared to other stands made of plastic, the riser looks more contemporary
  • Stable - the construction is sturdy and the feet have non-slip pads to prevent sliding. It feels solid.
  • Cheaply made legs - the adjustable bolt-like parts of the legs are actually made of plastic and painted in silver color
7 / 10

4. FITUEYES Glass Monitor Riser

FITUEYES is a furniture company founded in 2004. Their headquarters is currently located in Monterey Park, California, USA. The company produces TV mounts, stands and risers. Also, FITUEYES offers a broad range of monitor risers and stands. The company sells primarily online via Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and more.

FITUEYES Monitor Riser is a modern looking product made of tempered glass. It has 3 height adjustable options and will improve your comfort and ergonomics during the working day. The space between the front legs is 11.8" (30 cm).

FITUEYES Glass Monitor Stand
photo by FITUEYES

FITUEYES Glass Monitor Riser

  • Recommended for: monitors, laptops and TVs
  • Height levels: 3.2", 4.2" and 5.2" (8.1 cm, 10.6 cm and 13.2 cm)
  • Surface size: 15.2" × 9.5" (38.6 cm × 24.1 cm)
  • Weight support: 33 pounds (15 kg)
  • Height adjustable - the riser supports 3 levels of height and will greatly reduce your neck discomfort
  • Creative legs - the legs support the height adjustability in a rather creative and unique way which can be seen in a video on Amazon
  • Does not slide - the stand has non-slip feet which helps it to stay in place
  • Ugly legs - the glass platform is looking fine, but the legs are not aesthetically pleasing
8 / 10

3. Newvante Bamboo Monitor Stand

Newvante is a bamboo furniture company founded in 2008. Their first line of products were laptop stands targeting students who wanted a more comfortable way of using a laptop while laying down in their beds. The company has strict rules when selecting and processing bamboo trees. Today, Newvante manufactures tables, chairs, monitor stands and more - all made of natural bamboo.

Newvante Bamboo Monitor Stand is an adjustable stand made of wood. It can raise your monitor to a comfortable and ergonomic height level. The riser supports height adjustment in an unusual way - via switching different sets of legs. The monitor stand from Newvante comes with 2 sets of legs and can be used without them, like a lap tray. It has a pen holder, too. The space between the two legs below the shelf is exactly 14.7" (37.3 cm).

Newvante Bamboo Monitor Stand
photo by Newvante

Newvante Bamboo Monitor Stand

  • Recommended for: monitors or laptops
  • Height levels: 0.9" without legs, 4.3" and 6" (2.3 cm without legs, 10.9 cm and 15.2 cm)
  • Surface size: 17.7" × 11.8" (50 cm × 30 cm)
  • Height adjustable - the stand offers 2 sets of legs and an ability to use it without legs
  • Sturdy - due to the design of this monitor riser, it is very solid
  • Ventilation - the shelf of the riser has a lot of holes to prevent your laptop from overheating
  • Does not slip - the legs of the stand has non-skid pads to prevent it from sliding
  • Needs a lower height option - the lowest you can go with the legs is 4.3" (10.9 cm). This might be too high for some users. Maybe a third set of legs with height around 2" - 2.5" would make this product the perfect monitor riser.
8 / 10

2. Songmics Bamboo Height Adjustable Monitor Stand

Songmics is a furniture company which was founded in 2012 in Ontario, California, USA. It is the key brand of Ameziel, Inc. Songmics offers office products like desks, chairs and monitor risers. Also, the company produces storage organizers and other household essentials. Songmics sells internationally.

Songmics Bamboo Monitor Stand is a modern looking stand which stands out. It is one of the few height adjustable monitor risers made of wood. The stand consists of a bamboo construction with two shelves. The upper shelf is adjustable and has 3 height options. Also, the upper shelf could be detached and used as a lap tray. Apart from being just a monitor stand, this product is a desk organizer, too. You can store any desk accessories on the lower shelf.

Songmics Bamboo Height Adjustable Monitor Stand
photo by Songmics

Songmics Bamboo Height Adjustable Monitor Stand

  • Recommended for: monitors and laptops
  • Height levels: 3.94", 5.91" and 7.87" (10 cm, 15 cm and 20 cm)
  • Surface size: 24.3" × 9.6" (61.7 cm × 24.3 cm)
  • Weight support: 80 pounds (36 kg)
  • 3 height adjustable settings - the riser offers 3 levels of height. It will significantly help you with your neck and shoulder pain.
  • Desk organizer - 3 compartments on the lower shelf help you store your mug, papers, pens and more. The stand has a built-in phone stand, too.
  • Stylish look - the stand is made of natural bamboo which gives an eye-pleasing look
  • High-quality - the riser feels sturdy and it is built to last long
  • Bulky - the stand is big and bulky and takes a lot of space
  • Expensive - compared to the plastic monitors stands, this riser costs 2-3 times more than them
  • Too high - the lowest height level of the upper shelf is 3.94" (10 cm) which might be too high for a monitor stand
9 / 10

1. AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand

AmazonBasics is a private-label owned by Amazon. It was founded in 2009 and as of December, 2017, it is the most popular private label brand on Amazon. AmazonBasics produces everyday items for your home and office.

AmazonBasics offers a height adjustable monitor stand made of thick, high-quality plastic. Simple, effective and cheap, this monitor riser does its job. The stand has an 11" (28 cm) wide empty space below the shelf.

AmazonBasics Monitor Stand
photo by Office Tip

AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand

  • Recommended for: monitors
  • Height levels: 2.62", 4.25" and 4.875" (6.66 cm, 10.79 cm and 12.38 cm)
  • Surface size: 16" × 11" (40.6 cm × 27.9 cm)
  • Weight support: up to 22 pounds (10 kg)
  • Three height levels - the monitor stand has column-style stackable legs which support 3 height levels
  • Non-skid rubber feet - they keep the stand in place and protect your desk surface
  • Looks cheap - it is not a stylish monitor riser, but it improves your ergonomics
  • Curved edges - the corners of the stand are curved. This decreases the usable surface at the edges by an inch.
10 / 10

Monitor arms or monitor stand risers?

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are multiple ways of increasing the height of your monitor. If your display is not at the ergonomically correct height, distance and angle, you are likely to experience health issues.

In the following paragraphs I will list the pros and cons of the two of the most popular products used for monitor height adjustment - the monitor arms and risers.

Monitor arms

Monitor arm
Monitor arm (photo by HUANUO)

The monitor arms are a very popular solution when you need to adjust your monitor height. You have to make sure your monitor supports the VESA Mounting Interface Standard. In other words, you should have 4 mounting holes at the back of your monitor, drilled by the manufacturer. Make sure your display is compatible with the monitor arm before you buy it.

There are a bunch of pros of having a monitor arm. The biggest one is you will be able to adjust your monitor however you like. You can raise it, lower it, change the distance or the angle. Such a high adjustability could be achieved only by using a monitor arm. Another big plus of these products is that they free up desk space, especially if you have a dual monitor setup.

When it comes to monitor arms, there are some cons as well. The biggest con is the price - if you want a high-quality product, you'll have to spend a decent amount of money. The monitor arms require installation, too. Depending on the type of the mount, you might be required to drill your desk (grommet mount), your wall (wall mount) or your ceiling (ceiling mount). Of course, you could go with the desk clamp mount which would simply attach the arm to the back edge of your desk. The last disadvantage of using a monitor arm is the poor stability. You should have a stable desk and a high-quality arm. Otherwise, your display could wobble.

Generally, monitor arms are recommended if you are switching between standing and sitting desk during the working day or you need a higher level of adjustability.

Monitor risers

Monitor stand riser
Monitor stand riser (photo by HUANUO)

The monitor risers have one simple goal - to increase the height of your display. And they execute it nearly flawlessly. Let's take a look at their advantages and disadvantages.

One of the biggest pros of the monitor risers is their price. You can get a pretty solid product for $20. Another strong advantage of the monitor stand risers is that they work with every monitor. The same cannot be said about the monitor arms. The monitor risers need no installation and they provide you with an additional storage below their shelf.

There are some cons, of course. You don't have the fine-tuned adjustability of a monitor arm. Usually you have three or four height presets and this is everything. Compared to a monitor arm, you cannot lower your display height. Well, the name "monitor riser" is clear enough.

I would recommend using a monitor riser if you have a fixed height desk, you want to increase the height of your monitor and you don't want to spend a lot of money on resolving the issue. Also, if you find your monitor stability to be of a critical matter, you should definitely pick a riser instead of an arm.

What are the health benefits of the monitor stand risers?

It's surprising how many health issues might occur because of an ergonomically incorrect monitor height. During my career as a software developer, I've experienced each of them many times. So, let's see in what ways monitor stand risers could improve your health.

Decreased eye strain

Red eye
Red eye (photo by Titanas, CC BY)

Not long ago we've written an article about the reasons for eye strain in the office. The number one reason is the incorrect positioning of your monitor. Placing your display too low or too high overwork your eye muscles and you start to feel eye fatigue.

The top of your screen should be at or slightly below your eye level. I personally prefer having my display below my eye level. This is what I would recommend to anyone working in front of the monitor for more than 8 hours a day.

Reduced neck pain

Slouching (image by Freepik)

Having your monitor too low will contribute to a bad posture. In such situations the office workers tend to slouch. This causes a lot of stress to your neck muscles and eventually you develop a neck pain. The monitor risers are one of the easiest and cheapest solutions to this issue.

Less back and shoulder pain

Back pain
Back pain (photo by Freepik)

Bad posture results not only in an eye and neck pain. Your back and shoulders could hurt, too. It's been proven that improvement in your posture is associated with reduced spinal and shoulder pain over time. So, my advice to you is to do everything you can to have better postural habits. If your lowered monitor at work makes you lean forward, do not hesitate to resolve this issue - go ahead and buy a monitor stand riser!

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